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Kenyans protest against high cost of living use the slogan “No Food, No Election.”

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On Thursday, July 7, hundreds of Kenyans protested the high cost of living in the East African nation by taking to the streets of Nairobi and going to the president’s office.

The cost of essentials like cooking oil, maize flour, wheat flour, and sugar has allegedly risen in recent weeks, placing pressure on homes who are already struggling to make ends meet, according to the outraged citizens.

If there isn’t enough food for them to eat, the demonstrators even threatened that the country won’t have elections.

According to business capital, some demonstrators who spoke to the media alleged that the issue was not handled by the leaders, leaving them with no choice but to defend themselves.

We are here to demand a decrease in the price of essential items since our elected leaders have failed us and Kenyans are suffering greatly, one of the campaigners stated.

Another protester argued that the government shouldn’t place the blame for the high cost of living on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, arguing that it has only made matters worse.

“We are in this situation because of too much borrowing and the money flows into the coffers of a few,” he said. “Food costs were high even before the issue of Ukraine occurred.”

The protesting Kenyans said that the two front-runners for the presidency, Raila Odinga and William Ruto, are just making promises instead of offering solution amidst 32 days till the election.

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“Ruto has been in administration for ten years and he is also making promises. Why can’t they help us now? Raila is a friend of the President, so it’s just a phone call away. Yet another demonstrator questioned.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was defended by government spokesman Cyrus Oguna on the high cost of living now being experienced in the nation.

Oguna emphasized that the continuous conflict between Russia and Ukraine is to blame for the current state of affairs rather than the Head of State.

“It is unfair to assign this blame to one individual; the President is not to blame. He stated that the conflict in Ukraine has made conditions difficult for countries all across the world, noting that Kenya was not the only country affected.

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