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“Just Stop, Give My Marriage a Break” Annie Idibia Beg Critics

annie idibia

Annie Idibia, a Nollywood actress, has once more pleaded with Nigerians to quit judging her marriage.

The mother of two pleaded with detractors to cease criticizing her union and to quit interfering with her family during an edition of the Young Famous and African show.

Annie is married to Nigerian pop artist 2baba Idibia, who has had more children with other women since the couple was married in 2012.

In an interview with her Young Famous and African Co-Stars Khanyi Mbau, the actress was reported as saying;

“When you meet someone, then you know them first, and then you wake up to different people having babies for him, and then he has five different kids with other women, my first child is his fifth, and I met him before everybody,” she claimed.

Do you understand what that is? You know how many times I felt embarrassed or humiliated, and damn, I was like, “Man…” How can you make the same error twice?

In a recent episode of the program, Annie Idibia begged Nigerians to spare her marriage from all the animosity.

You guys are busy wishing and praying that there is a problem with my marriage, so please stop and give it a break.

And all you want me to say is that “Innocent” made a mistake. Even my friend in the group is unknown to me.

Stop wishing and praying that Annie Idibia’s marriage is in trouble.

The mother of two has cried on the reality show twice already.

Annie Idibia went on to label her detractors and trolls callous and said many of them called her a disgrace to women and accused her of producing toxic children. In her closing statement, Annie urged people to stay away from them and their kids.

After a video of 2baba defending cheating surfaced, many people started talking about him.

A man can love a woman and still cheat on her due to his sexual needs, the multi-award-winning singer claimed during a dinner date with his wife and other cast members of the show.

“Man can love women until hell freezes over. Yes, without a doubt. His dick would merely make another choice. However, he will never give a damn about that individual. He merely desires to resolve that crap.

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