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John Legend, Chrissy Teigen Welcome 4th Child Together

John Legend Chrissy Teigen

John Legend Announced the birth of his child at a private concert.

The couple welcomed their fourth child together on Friday, January 13, according to PEOPLE.

During a private event, Legend reportedly told a group of fans about the birth of his child. He continued by saying that he and Teigen had just welcomed “the baby” into the world.

“What a blessed day,” he continued.

Even though he “didn’t get a lot of sleep,” the singer added that after spending so much time in the hospital, he “feels rejuvenated.”

One concertgoer used Twitter to publicize the couple’s engagement to the world.


Many people sent congratulations to the couple and expressed interest in learning the baby’s gender in response to the tweet.

“Congratulations John and Chrissy on the birth of your son. God Bless your Family….

“Congratulations to John and Chrissy Legend! It’s a beautiful Blessing to have another glorious gift from God. May God continue to Bless John and his entire family.

“C’mon guys.. all the baby tweets and ya can’t tell us boy or girl.”

The couple is thrilled to have their third child, a source exclusively told PEOPLE.

“Both of them were adamant about starting a family again. The trip has been long. The infant and Chrissy are doing fine.”

The older children of the parents, Miles Theodore, 4, and Luna-Simone, 6, are also “very excited,” the insider continued.

What a fantastic way for them to begin the new year.

Back in September, Chrissy Teigen shared the family’s excitement for the newborn’s arrival.

In an exclusive interview with the publication in September, Teigen discussed how quickly she and her family knew about the pregnancy.

Since we used IVF, we learned that we were pregnant about nine days following the embryo transfer. I informed them very, very soon… They were aware that I would be entering Mommy’s tummy for the transfer and that we would be putting the egg there. As a result, they were aware from the very beginning that there was a potential it might not succeed because it has happened before.

Teigen said her kids had “been eager for a long time” despite this.

They have been aware of the pregnancy since the first day, so I have a feeling that it will be their longest one. However, they have been quite excited.

According to prior media reports, the couple lost their baby Jack in September 2020.

Later, Teigen disclosed that, contrary to what the majority of the public had assumed, the child had really been aborted.

The baby child’s gender has not yet been revealed by the couple.

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