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JJC Skillz Gets Emotional as He Loses Brother and Manager, Steve Osagie

JJC Skillz loses manager Steve Osagie

With more than 18 years of expertise developing and managing artists, Steve Osagie is a professional music industry consultant and manager headquartered in the UK.

Additionally, he has been JJC Skillz’s manager and brother for more than 20 years.

The soft-spoken music promoter passed away in his sleep in the United Kingdom and didn’t wake up, according to information received.

JJC Skillz captioned the picture he uploaded on Instagram, “Rest well, my brother.”

JJC Skillz Gets Emotional as He Loses Brother and Manager, Steve Osagie

Tunde Ednut claims that Steve Osagie left a comment on his page a few hours before to learning of his passing.

“Someone wey comment for my page yesterday, no dey again. Na so people dey die? REST IN PEACE BROTHER @stevespotlight.
“Make we just dey do good. We don’t even know what will happen in the next 1 hour. 🙏🏾 him no sick, nothing, him just sleep and that was it,” he wrote.

With more than 15 years of experience in the music business, Steve Osagie recently discussed how he unearths raw potential in one of his last interviews.

He said: ” I have come to understand that talent contributes between 10-20 per cent to achieving success in the industry. “

“I am able to tell if someone is going to be successful from their work rate, personality and strength of character. “

“You may be talented but if your character is nothing to write home about, you are not going to get a lot of people to support or vouch for you.”

“Unless you have a lot of money to spend and spray around, you are not going to get that organic love for you and your music.”

Steve Osagie, a well-known personality in Nigerian music artist management, also shared his opinion on the prevalence of songs with unappealing lyrics and content.

Music is subjective,” he declared. Being a purist, I appreciate excellent songwriting. I adore artists who want to spread a message.
“However, music reflects what individuals are going through and what they want to express at different times and periods.
“As an expression, music is. I can never prevent someone from expressing themselves in any way they choose. Some people prefer to write songs about having fun, while others want to talk about love.
“Others want to write and sing about what they are passing through in their lives. So, an artiste may not necessarily write the same theme years apart. So, music is subjective
“Once, you are writing music you love and want to listen to, there would definitely one or two million persons who would love it too. You may not know what people like and would not like. Just write your music and put it out”

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