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Jeremy Renner, Marvel Actor, says He “Messed Up” Following a Snowplow Accident

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Actor Jeremy Renner, who plays the superhero Jeremy Renner for Marvel, claimed he was “messed up” on Tuesday after getting ran over by his own snow plow while attempting to get into the driver’s seat of the massive 14,000-lb (six-ton) vehicle.

In an effort to stop the PistenBully device from rolling ahead after he deployed it to assist in freeing a stuck family member’s car from deep snow, Renner sustained severe injuries on Sunday morning close to his Nevada home.

At a press conference, Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam said, “Mr. Renner attempts to climb back into the driver’s seat in an effort to stop the rolling PistenBully.”

According to our inquiry, Mr. Jeremy Renner is being ran over by the PistenBully at this minute.

In a selfie posted on Tuesday from his hospital bed, Renner, who was flown by helicopter to the adjacent city of Reno, could be seen with severe facial bruises.

I appreciate all of your warm sentiments. I’m currently too messed up to type. However, I extend love to everyone,” Renner posted on Instagram.

The actor had undergone surgery, according to Jeremy Renner’s spokesperson Sam Mast, who added that the actor was “making positive progress and is awake, talking, and in good spirits.”

He is still in critical but stable condition in the ICU, according to Mast.

“The love and support being shown to him has left him speechless. While he recovers with his close family, the family kindly requests your ongoing good vibes.

At the news conference on Tuesday, officials stated that there was no evidence that alcohol or drugs were used in the incident, which was being handled as a “tragic accident.”

Due to the “serious injuries” Renner sustained, Sheriff Balaam stated an investigation was ongoing, including inspections for any indication of mechanical failure.

The snowcat, also known as a PistenBully, is a huge snow plow operated by Renner that has enormous raised caterpillar tracks on each side of the covered cab.

Due to the three feet (one meter) of snow that fell the previous night, several drivers were compelled to ditch their vehicles on a neighboring highway, which made it difficult for rescue responders to get to Renner, according to Balaam.

When they got there, they helped Jeremy Renner, and “some wonderful neighbors of Mr. Renner’s… came out with some towels and helped.”

Renner was hailed by the sheriff for being a “wonderful neighbor” who had been using his vehicle to plow private roads for neighbors.

According to Balaam, Renner holds the honorary title of deputy sheriff and is well-liked by the neighborhood kids, who refer to him as “Hawkeye” after the superhero he portrays in multiple Marvel movies and a recent miniseries.

For his parts in “The Hurt Locker” and “The Town,” Renner, 51, has received two Oscar nominations.

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