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Jacob Zuma of South Africa denounces the graft report as rumors and irrational

Jacob Zuma

A court report outlining how widespread corruption decimated state coffers during his nine-year presidency was dismissed on Saturday by former South African president Jacob Zuma, who has been accused of being a graft facilitator. He called the study “unlawful” and “full of gossip.”

In the most developed economy on the continent, the corruption network known as “state capture” hollowed down state firms for the benefit of a select few powerful people and businesses.

Mzwanele Manyi, a representative for Zuma’s foundation, stated during a press conference that Zuma believed the report to be “illegal and highly unreasonable.”

It contains as expected a lot of rumors, innuendo, and speculation. There is virtually little actual evidence,” Manyi stated.

“The report is consequently a classic instance of a poisoned tree’s fruit,”

Zuma was scheduled to appear at the press conference, but his attorneys claimed they last-minute persuaded him not go so as not to break the terms of his parole.

After being pushed to act by a critical report by the national ombudswoman on corruption at state firms, he personally established the special probe panel.

According to the study, Zuma was “a critical player” in the scheme to rob public companies using the Gupta family of business tycoons.

Two of the three Indian immigrant brothers were detained earlier this month in Dubai in anticipation of their extradition to South Africa. The brothers had left the nation the same year the corruption investigation got underway.

Zuma appeared before the investigators for a brief period of time before leaving and declining to return to provide answers.

His unwillingness to testify resulted in a confrontation at the Constitutional Court, which ruled that he would be imprisoned for contempt in July 2021.

The deadliest unrest of South Africa’s democratic era occurred as a result of his incarceration, which ignited riots that resulted in over 350 fatalities. After two months, he was granted medical parole and released.

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