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Iran Urge France “Stop Using Violence” Against Protesters

Iran Urge France to Stop Using Violence Against Protesters

In response to a wave of unrest brought on by the police shooting of a teenager, Iran urged the French government to “end the violent treatment of its people” on Sunday.

Nasser Kanani, a spokesman for the foreign ministry, warned of the “insecure and unpredictable situation” on Twitter and encouraged Iranian citizens to “refrain from making unnecessary trips to France” as well as to avoid “conflict areas” while already in France.

The deadly police shooting of a 17-year-old of Algerian descent, named only as Nahel M., in the Paris district of Nanterre on Tuesday has prompted a massive wave of violent street protests across France.

Tens of thousands of security personnel have been sent into action by the government, and hundreds of people have been detained as protesters have looted stores, set buildings and automobiles on fire in numerous locations.

The French government, according to Kanani, “is expected to put an end to the violent treatment of its people by respecting principles based on human dignity, freedom of speech, and the right of citizens to peaceful protests.”

Newspapers in the Islamic republic, which was affected by widespread protests and began a severe crackdown on what authorities referred to as “riots” last year, have been covering the violence in France.

The 22-year-old Iranian Kurd Mahsa Amini’s death while in detention for violating the nation’s severe dress code for women ignited a wave of outrage throughout Iran.

Iran has accused the West of inciting these demonstrations.

Mohammad Kazemi, a top intelligence officer for Iran, stated last month that 20 nations, including the United States and France, were responsible for inciting unrest.

In October, Kanani criticized France for its support of Iranian protests and its condemnation of the methods taken by Iranian security forces against them, calling it “clear hypocrisy” and “interference in the affairs of other countries.”

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