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Industrial Gas Leak In India Causes 112 Hospitalizations

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According to police, at least 112 people have been admitted to hospitals as a result of a gas leak at an Indian factory that makes clothing.

On Tuesday night, employees at a facility in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh‘s Atchyutapuram district reported experiencing nausea and vomiting.

“All of the women are secure. None of the people die. According to senior police official M. Upendra, investigations are ongoing.

The hospitalizations come after a related incident in June in which 200 or more ladies lost consciousness due to a gas leak in the same region, according to broadcaster NDTV.

In 2020, a gas leak at a chemical plant in Visakhapatnam, an industrial port city in the same state, resulted in at least five fatalities and hundreds of hospitalizations.

When gas spilled from a pesticide facility in the city of Bhopal, located in central India, in 1984, it became one of the biggest industrial disasters in Indian history.

In the days after the spill, almost 3,500 locals who lived close to the Union Carbide-operated factory died recently. Even now, many are still affected by its outcomes.

Because of the gas that their mothers were exposed to, children are still born with deformities, webbed hands and feet, and stunted growth.



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