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India PM Modi Adamant Over Human-centered Globalization

Shri Narendra Modi

The Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, has emphasized to emerging countries the acceptable level of globalization and insisted that it should be humancentric.

“Developing countries desire a globalization that does not generate a Climate Crisis or Debt Crisis,” stated Modi in his opening remarks at the Voice of Global South Summit’s recent concluding leaders’ session.

“We want a globalization that does not result in unequal vaccination distribution or overly consolidated global supply chains,” he declared.

“We desire a globalization that benefits the entire human race in terms of prosperity and well-being. We seek a “humancentric globalization,” to put it briefly.

More than 120 developing nations attended the two-day summit, making it the largest virtual assembly of the Global South in history.

The growing international landscape’s fragmentation worries emerging nations as well, Modi said, adding that these geopolitical issues divert our attention from our development priorities.

They produce significant fluctuations in the price of commodities including food, fuel, and fertilizer on a global scale.

“We urgently need a substantial overhaul of the key international organizations, notably the United Nations Security Council and the Bretton Woods institutions,” he continued, “to confront this geopolitical fragmentation.

These reforms “should emphasize reflecting 21st-century reality and giving voice to the concerns of the developing world.”

India’s G20 Presidency will try to voice the views of the Global South on these key issues,” he pledged.

“In its development partnerships, India’s approach has been collaborative, outcome-oriented, demand-driven, people-centric, and respectful of partner countries’ sovereignty,” the Indian Prime Minister added.

“I am adamant that the Global South’s nations can benefit greatly from one another’s development experiences.

India will open a “Global-South Center of Excellence,” I’m pleased to announce.

The institute will do research on development strategies or best practices from any of our nations that may be scaled up and applied in other countries in the Global South, according to Modi.

Indicating how India has made significant advancements in disciplines like space technology and nuclear energy, he said: “As an example, the digital public goods generated by India in subjects like electronic-payments, health, education, or e-governance can be valuable for many other developing countries.”

We will start a “Global-South Science & Technology project,” he said, “to share our know-how with other developing countries.”

The Prime Minister said: “I would now want to introduce a new ‘Aarogya Maitri’ project. During the COVID pandemic, India’s ‘Vaccine Maitri’ program distributed made-in-India vaccines to over a 100 nations. India would give vital medical supplies under this scheme to any developing nation impacted by natural catastrophes or humanitarian crises.

He continued, “To connect young officers of our foreign ministries, I propose a ‘Global-South Young Diplomats Forum’ for synchronizing our diplomatic voice.

Additionally, India will establish “Global-South Scholarships” to encourage students from underdeveloped nations to attend Indian universities.

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