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Hailey Bieber disputes claims that she stole Justin from her ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber Romances With Selena Gomez Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Bieber, wife of singer Justin Bieber, has refuted accusations that she caused her husband and Selena Gomez to split up.

When Selena, a former Disney star, was around 18 and Justin, around 16, they started dating in 2010.

2012 saw the couple’s first significant breakup, which was followed by a string of reconciliations and splits up to 2018.

In the middle of 2018, Justin and Hailey, who had previously dated in 2016, resumed their romance. By July, they had become engaged, and two months later, they wed.

Hailey Bieber went on the Call Her Daddy podcast and denied Justin’s claims that she had cheated on Selena Gomez, 30, with her, ending years of fan-driven speculation that she had “stolen” him from the singer.

26-year-old Hailey disclosed to host Alexis Cooper;

Hailey Bieber reacted after Cooper said that people were “obsessed” with the relationship between Justin and Selena, saying, “This is so crazy, I’ve literally never talked about this ever.”

Then Cooper directly questioned, “Were you ever romantically linked with Justin at the same time as [Selena]?”

She said, “No, not once,” adding that she and Justin started “hooking up” in early 2018, after he had already broken up with his previous on/off girlfriend.

‘When him and I started hooking up, or anything of that sort, he was not in any relationship, It’s not my character to mess with someone’s relationship, I was raised better than that,’ Hailey Bieber further stressed.

‘I understand how it looks from the outside, but that was a situation where I know for a fact that it was the right thing for [Justin and Selena] to close that door, but of course, there’s a very long history there and I respect that a lot.

‘I don’t want to talk on either one of their behalf’s,’ she explained.

The fact that he wishes he had ended up with someone else and the statement “oh you stole him” are the main sources of hate. That’s okay to hope that all you want; yet, it is not the case.

When she came across hateful remarks and posts from “Jelena” enthusiasts, she stated, “There’s a certain numbness that you get.”

If I went live right now, it would still be happening; it still occurs today. You eventually have to disregard it,’ she said to Cooper.

Why can’t you move on if we can?

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