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Google announces 6 new features on search


In order to assist users in discovering and exploring content in novel ways, Google has unveiled 6 new features and innovations.

This was said in a statement made on Thursday in Lagos by the spokesperson for West and Sub-Saharan Africa, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade.

The new capabilities that use machine learning, according to Mr. Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, will enable individuals to obtain information in novel ways.

Multi-search, multi-search near me, translation in a flash, Google for iOS updates, even faster ways to find what one is looking for, and new ways to explore information were the six new features he emphasized.

According to Mr. Kola-Ogunlade, more than eight billion inquiries are answered with the lens each month.

“With multi-search, you can take a picture or use a screenshot and then add text to it – similar to the way you might naturally point at something and ask a question about it.

“Multi-search is available in English globally and will now be rolling out in 70 languages in the next few months,” Mr. Kola stated.

The Google representative claimed that multi-search enables users to screenshot items and locate them nearby.

“So, if you have a hankering for your favorite local dish, all you need to do is screenshot it, and Google will connect you with nearby restaurants serving it,” he explained.

He asserts that one of the most effective features of visual cognition is its capacity to overcome language boundaries in a split second.

Google has gone beyond translating text to translating pictures – with Google translating text in images over one billion times monthly in more than 100 languages,” Mr Kola-Ogunlade said.

He claimed that because to significant progress in machine learning, Google can now incorporate translated text into intricate visuals.

Mr. Kola-Ogunlade continued, “Google has also optimized their machine learning models to achieve all this in just 100 milliseconds—shorter than the blink of an eye.”

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