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Global Musician Join #FreeSeunKuti Campaign


Vic Mensa, Talib Kweli, Rober Glasper, and other well-known international musicians have supported the #FreeSeunKuti movement by displaying the Afrobeat musician’s photo while on their live appearances.

According to information obtained by DiasporaInfo, Talib and Mad Lion performed on Friday night in Los Angeles and displayed Seun’s image.


Global Musician Join #FreeSeunKuti CampaignGlobal Musician Join #FreeSeunKuti CampaignGlobal Musician Join #FreeSeunKuti CampaignGlobal Musician Join #FreeSeunKuti Campaign


A source claimed, “Last night, Talib and Mad Lion performed in Los Angeles and projected Seun’s image.”

The #FREESEUNKUTI campaign was launched on Friday, according to reports in the media, to call for the quick release of the arrested Afrobeat artist from police detention.

“We, the #FreeSeunKuti campaign members, wish to address the recent events brought on by the alleged altercation between Seun Kuti and a police officer on Third Mainland Bridge,” the message had said. We are really alarmed by the Nigerian Police’s exaggerated response and their efforts to unfairly target Seun Kuti.

It is critical to stress that the incident in question was a small infraction of physical contact between Mr. Kuti and a police officer, even though it was unprovoked. However, we still support Seun Kuti’s claim that the drunk driving police officer nearly knocked him and his family over the Third Mainland Bridge and that the altercation seen on camera was his human and emotional response to the police trying to defend their use of force. Therefore, it is essential to keep a cool head and prevent the issue from getting worse.

Unfortunately, some police officers’ actions appear to be motivated more by a personal grudge against Seun Kuti for his involvement in the #EndSARS rallies against police brutality than by a desire to maintain the concepts of justice. We strenuously object to the search of Mr. Seun Kuti’s home as part of a different investigation because the alleged offense for which he turned himself in is still being thoroughly probed.

According to reliable sources, the police are already aware of the policeman’s guilt due to what transpired prior to and after the video was taken. For this reason, while claiming that the concerned cop is in a coma, the police have failed to reveal his identify. This is the reason they are looking for a new crime to pin on him, and it is also the reason the police are attempting to get a court order to draw Seun Kuti’s blood so they can test it.

Seun Kuti is not an alien Superman who slaps people’s blood into his own bloodstream, thus we consider that such actions are a blatant violation of his fundamental rights and an abuse of authority. We request that the authorities maintain caution and concentrate on the proper legal avenues. We implore them to concentrate their efforts on dealing with the claimed small offense in a fair and just manner rather than violating Mr. Kuti’s private property or demanding invasive procedures like blood samples.

No of their social standing or line of work, all citizens’ rights must be protected by our legal system for it to be effective. The values of justice and fairness that our society ought to defend are undermined by the indiscriminate targeting of people, especially those who express their right to disagree or protest in a nonviolent manner.

“Mr. Seun Kuti, a well-known musician and social activist, has persistently fought for Nigeria’s advancement. We think he deserves to be treated fairly and with the same respect as other citizens. We demand an immediate end to any unjustified intimidation and implore the police to focus their efforts on conducting a thorough investigation within the extended detention period ordered by the court, which is Monday of next week. We trust that the law will be applied impartially, ensuring that justice is served while upholding the fundamentals of the rule of law.

“We urge the public and the media to be on guard and make sure that the pursuit of justice is not tarnished by a hasty conclusion and a vindictive media trial supported by the police authority with tax dollars. Let’s uphold the presumption of innocent until guilt is established and let the legal system work its course.

“We will continue to keep a careful eye on the developments in this case and, if required, take all necessary political steps to defend Seun Kuti’s innocence and protect his rights. We are prepared to mobilize a sizable number of Nigerian youths to the streets in protest against the police brutality that we all encounter on a daily basis as Nigerians. We recognize that the fundamental issue in this case is the police brutality to which Seun Kuti replied with the reaction seen on camera. We shall continue to do these things up till justice is done for the lawless impunity of the Nigerian police force and the truth is established.”

Recall that Seun Kuti, the son of Fela Kuti, the legendary Afrobeat musician, was detained and shackled on Monday after visiting the state police command. also, the Nigerian Police Force’s Lagos State command had covertly arraigned Afrobeat musician Seun Kuti at the Yaba Magistrate Court without informing his attorneys, and had since requested a detention order to hold him there for 21 days.


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