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Ghana Police Reiterate Forbiden New Year Prophecies

Ghana Police

Alarmist new year predictions are still prohibited, according to the Ghana Police Service, and offenders will face punishment.

On New Year’s Eve, congregations congregate in various churches to hear the prophetic predictions of their spiritual leaders for the coming year.

However, the Police forbade “misleading” new year prophecies in churches last year, claiming they might lead to panic and could threaten lives.

The police claim that the ban is still in effect one year after the change.

According to a statement released by the Ghana police on Tuesday, “a year ago today, December 27, 2021, the Ghana police service brought the general public’s attention—particularly members of the religious community—to the law regarding the communication of prophecies and urged compliance with the law to ensure ongoing security and law and order in the nation.

“We want to thank the general public, especially religious organizations, for their assistance throughout the years by exercising caution, being aware of the law, and using legal channels to inform the affected about prophesies.

“This has significantly aided in fostering a climate in which people can openly declare their faith without needless worry or concern for their safety or survival.

Ghana is truly appreciative to the religious community, and in especially the religious leaders, for their patriotic assessment of the situation.

“As 2022 comes to an end, we would like to once more implore the general public, especially faith-based organizations, to maintain conformity with the law as it relates to the dissemination of prophesies.

“Let us continue to remember that while we have the freedom to practice our religion, freedom of worship, and free expression, this right must not be exercised at the expense of other people’s rights or the general welfare.”


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