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Ghana Introduce New Mosquito Breed Different and More Dangerous than Anopheles

Anopheles Stephensi

A new kind of mosquito that is more harmful than anopheles has invaded Ghana, according to the Ghana Health Service (GHS).

According to the World Health Organization, the new breed known as Anopheles Stephensi is likewise a malaria-transmitting mosquito, very invasive, spreads faster, and can adapt to a variety of climatic circumstances.

Residents in Tuba and Dansoman have been cautioned to take precautions after GHSe established a foothold there.

Anopheles Stephensi first entered Africa in 2019, invading Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, and, regrettably, Ghana just this past March.

Both P Vivax malaria parasites and Plasmodium Falciparum, the most deadly form of plasmodium that causes malaria, are produced by this breed.

Additionally, the World Health Organization’s most recent mathematical modeling study demonstrated the spread of An. stephensi and its implications for the spreading and management of malaria in Africa.

According to one study, if An. stephensi spreads unchecked, 126 million more individuals in Africa could be at danger of contracting malaria.

The statement also discloses that this breed is extremely challenging to control because it is resistant to a variety of insecticides. Currently, it is unknown what can actually kill it.

To reduce the number of breeding grounds, the GHS has established a taskforce to implement a number of initiatives, such as removing water collection points from within and around residences and communities.

Another strategy that has been suggested to increase prevention is to avoid mosquito bites by utilizing mosquito netting treated with pesticide.

As part of measures to fight the disease, Ghana is the first nation in Africa to approve a novel malaria vaccine developed by Oxford University.

The World Health Organization last year recommended the British pharmaceutical company GSK’s MOSQUIRIX.

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