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Ghana announces an end to the Marburg virus epidemic

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A highly contagious illness comparable to Ebola called Marburg virus, which was diagnosed in July, has been proclaimed to be under control in Ghana by the president’s office.

The second Marburg outbreak in West Africa occurred in Ghana.

In Guinea, the virus was originally discovered in 2021, but no other instances have since been found.

Ghana announces an end to the Marburg virus epidemic

On Monday, the presidency tweeted, The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has officially declared Ghana clear from the Marburg virus disease outbreak that was detected about two months ago.


At the beginning of July, tests on two deceased Ghanaians revealed they had Marburg, and on July 17 the government of the West African nation declared its first Marburg outbreak.

Three fatalities overall after the confirmation of two further instances, one of which passed away at the beginning of August.

Since 1967, there have been twelve significant Marburg outbreaks, primarily in southern and eastern Africa.

Depending on the virus type and case care, death rates in previous outbreaks ranged from 24% to 88.6%, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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