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Germany, Spain, France Reject Schengen Visa applications

Schengen Visa

According to recently released statistics, applicants who filled out a Schengen visa application at the embassies of France, Germany, and Spain had their applications rejected.

The three countries had the highest percentages of travelers from other countries who applied for visas to enter their territory being turned down.

According to figures posted on SchengenVisaInfo.com, of the 379,207 Schengen Visa applications submitted for review, 252,522 were denied by France, Germany, and Spain, accounting for 66.5 percent of all short-term visas rejected in 2021.

In accordance with the data, out of the 652,331 visa requests received by its embassies globally in the same year under evaluation, France had the highest percentage of applications that were turned down.

As a result, France will receive the most requests for short-term visas in the EU in 2021. Spain was the next-most-rejected Schengen nation, rejecting 483,469 visa requests in the same year.

After receiving 346,284 applications and rejecting 53,987 of them, Germany is ranked third.

Despite the fact that the three nations have the most applications refused, the list of Schengen nations with the greatest percentages of applications denied fluctuates.

Compared to 2019, when the Coronavirus pandemic broke out, the quantity of Schengen visa applications submitted at Schengen embassies and consulates abroad fell by 83% in 2021.

Yet, the disparity between the number of visa applications submitted in 2021 and 2019 is considerably greater than the disparity between the number of applications submitted in the pandemic’s first year, 2020.

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