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Gas Explosion Reportedly Claim 30 Lives in Chinese Restaurant

Gas Explosion Reportedly Claim 30 Lives in Chinese Restaurant

In northwest China on Wednesday night, a gas explosion claimed the lives of about 30 people.

The two-story restaurant was damaged by the explosion, which occurred at around 8:40 p.m. in Yinchuan, the regional capital of China’s Ningxia province.

The firefighters arrived on the scene in a hurry, where the buildings were spewing thick smoke and the street was littered with smashed glass.

The fire, which had already destroyed the structure and killed dozens of people, was put out by the firefighters.

Xinhua, a Chinese news source, said that 20 people were killed and injured but gave no indication of whether there might have been additional fatalities.

The victims’ search and rescue in the restaurant, according to the nation’s ministry of disaster management, was finished on Thursday morning.

President of China Xi Jinping expressed sympathy to the relatives of the deceased while promising the populace that steps would be done to protect them from fire accidents.

He encouraged authorities to identify the source of the fire gas explosion so that offenders might be brought to justice.

Mr. Xi commanded that “all regions and related departments should screen for and rectify all types of risks and hidden dangers.”

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