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Former Ghana President John Mahama Join 2024 Presidential Race

John Mahama

John Mahama, a former president of Ghana, has begun his campaign for the presidency in a bid to win the election set for 2024 and recover the top job in his home nation.

The three times Mr. Mahama, who presided over Ghana from 2012 to 2017, tried to run for re-election, he was unsuccessful, losing the final two elections to Nana Akufo-Addo.

On Thursday, Mr. Mahama’s campaign officially launched, although Ghana is still grappling with the biggest economic catastrophe to have befallen the nation in recent memory.

The former president asserted that the present government has failed Ghanaians and that the country needs a leader with his level of experience given the current conditions.

“Experience, not experiment, is what Ghana needs. On January 7, 2025, Ghana needs a leader who will get things moving, according to Mahama.

“Ghana needs a leader who will not accept an orientation or tour of the Flagstaff House, which serves as the capital. I have the utmost faith that Ghana may once again reach the heights at which it once shone as the beacon of Africa. I agree, and we’ll set an example for others,” Mr. Mahama remarked.

“This government has been illiterate and heartless in many respects. The unthinkable has occurred, and as a result, our nation is now in ruins on all fronts, according to John Mahama.

“Ghana is insolvent. We are burdened with debts we are unable to repay. We’ve endured widespread humiliation as a result of going into default on our bills and having our credit rating cut to the lowest point in our history by all credit rating organizations, he continued.

In 2024, Ghanaians will cast ballots to select a new president and National Assembly leaders.

Ghana is presently going through its greatest economic and financial crisis in decades with a January annual inflation rate of 53.6%.

Due to the high cost of life and fuel in the West African country, Ghana has requested a $3 billion bailout package from the International Monetary Fund to aid in the recovery of the economy.

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