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Dutch Intel Accuse Chinese Student in Netherland for Stealing Technology

Erik Akerboom on VOA

The Chinese government has been charged with complicity in allegedly stealing its technology through hacking and other espionage-related attacks, according to a recent assessment by the Netherlands intelligence agency.

A report by Erik Akerboom, director-general of the Dutch national intelligence agency, China is aiming at the Netherlands since it is a technologically forward-thinking nation.

Mr. Akerboom emphasized his worries about the Chinese government, which included acts of terrorism, extremism, hacking, espionage, covert impact, and damage.

Additionally, the Chinese operation was referred to by the Dutch government as the “biggest threat to the Netherlands’ economic security.”

“We see that each day that they attempt to steal that from the Netherlands,” Mr. Akerboom said in a program on Voice of America on Monday.

“The Chinese use cyberspace as a weapon, cyber as an instrument to commit surveillance, but they likewise send people to us — students, but also scientific personnel of every sort to specifically steal knowledge from highly vulnerable places,” he claimed.

The Netherlands revealed intentions to impose additional restrictions on the export of machinery used to create cutting-edge processor chips earlier this year. This comes after reports that the Dutch government supported a U.S. move limiting China’s access to the raw materials required to make these chips.

China responded by denouncing the actions as a violation of market principles in global commerce.


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