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Due to System Failure, All Flights Across the US Were Grounded

aeroplane pictures

Mid-sized passanger airplane flying above clouds.

According to a Notice to Airmen, the Federal Aviation Administration’s system breakdown has grounded all planes within the United States of America.

The NOTAMs indicate that the impact on flights will probably be global.

The Federal Aviation Administration also verified that the problem is due to a NOTAM outage, which affects flight crew, everyone involved in flight operations, ATC, and other people.

The FAA stated that until the issue is fixed, flights cannot restart and there is no projected time of restoration.

The US FAA has instructed all airlines to halt domestic flight departures until 9am ET in response to the development.

There has been no indication yet on any comparable sweeping restrictions on international flights ready to go to the US from abroad. The body added that the suspension was to “Allow the agency to check the integrity of flight and safety information.”

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