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Dollaride Founder “Su Sanni” Receive $10M Grant

Sulaiman Su Sanni

This Nigerian entrepreneur Sulaiman Su Sanni is utilizing technology to offer dependable transportation in his neighborhood.

Su Sanni, the inventor of Dollaride, received a $10 million grant from New York Governor Kathy Hochul to establish the first all-electric dollar van network in the state.

Sources claim that Sanni, a native of Nigeria, founded Dollaride in 2017 in an effort to change New York’s transit system and build a cleaner, safer, and more user-friendly transportation infrastructure.

“The public transportation system in many big cities isn’t strong enough to handle daily commuter needs. According to studies, having access to public transportation is one of the most important elements in predicting upward mobility, according to Sanni, “Dime vans are what I like to call the best-kept secret in plain sight in New York. Supporting the little enterprises who take part in these impromptu transit networks is crucial, in my opinion. In underserved communities, they may have a multiplier impact that closes both economic and transit disparities.”



According to reports, significant construction will start in January 2023 thanks to the $10 million that was awarded as part of the $85 million New York Clean Transportation Prizes program.

According to a press release, Governor Kathy Hochul said, “I am thrilled to be giving the most significant investment yet in sustainable transportation for historically underrepresented neighborhoods in New York State.”

“Improving access to clean mobility options, electrifying trucks and buses, and supporting projects that reduce air pollution modernize how citizens and visitors access neighborhood services, leisure activities, and employment opportunities while generating jobs, enhancing health, and lessening the effects of climate change,” she continued.

The Clean Transit Access Program, developed by Dollaride, is an affordable way for fleet owners to grow their businesses through partnerships, innovative finance, and mobility software.

One of the key goals of this project, according to Su Sanni, is to establish commuter vans as an environmentally friendly mode of transportation while educating fleet owners and drivers about future trends. Dollaride’s Clean Transit Access Program will offer certified commuter van drivers operating in underserved communities throughout NYC affordable electric shuttle buses as well as charging infrastructure thanks to a $10 million grant from NYSERDA (New York State Energy and Research Development Authority).


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