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Diddy’s Alleged New Baby Girl Mother Revealed

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Fans were left speculating who the baby’s mother could be when Diddy announced the birth of his seventh child on Twitter. They could now at last have a solution.

Love Sean Combs’ birth certificate lists Diddy as the baby’s father, according to TMZ. Dana Tran, who is 28 years old, is listed as the mother. The woman is a native of Southern California, claims the outlet.

On social media, Tran also goes by the moniker Dana Tee. Her Instagram account has now been deactivated, though.

Media Source discovered a video of Dana Tran (Diddy’s Alleged New Baby Girl Mother) on Instagram from her hairdresser’s account.


The video’s caption has been altered. Although it seems like Tran was getting ready for some sort of picture shoot. Fans are already accusing Tran of being Diddy’s rumored mystery girlfriend in comments left under the post.

Most of the comments are:

“Where is Puffys baby? Why would you get pregnant by him? Smh”

“Is this Puffys new baby mama!?”

“Congratulations on the new baby with Diddy”


This is coming after father of the new baby girl sean combs recently informed fans of the news.

As previously reported by DiasporaInfo, Diddy tweeted the news to his followers on Saturday night.


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