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Death toll from the US Winter Storm Hits 61

USA Winter snow

At least 61 people have died as a result of the severe winter storm that engulfed most of the United States during Christmas, according to officials.

39 fatalities have already been documented, according to Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, in the area of western New York that took the brunt of the historic winter storm.

The majority of the fatalities took place in Buffalo, a snow-covered metropolis, which is part of Erie County.

Poloncarz stated that 17 of the 39 dead were discovered outside, 11 were found inside of residences, four were found inside of vehicles, four died while shoveling or blowing snow, and three died because emergency personnel were unable to reach them in time.

The midwestern state of Ohio recorded nine fatalities from storm-related auto accidents, and there were more fatalities reported in at least half a dozen other states.

Officials in New York had expressed concerns about flooding due to rising temperatures and snowmelt, but the county executive said “it does not appear like it will be bad.”

Fortunately, it seems like there won’t be much flooding, according to Poloncarz.

He claimed that all of the county’s citizens now have access to electricity.

There has been growing criticism of the authorities’ response as Buffalo emerged from the once-in-a-generation storm, with Poloncarz labeling the city’s management “embarrassing.”

For instance, a travel ban was not announced in Buffalo until 9:30 am on Friday, by which time many people were already their route to work.

Thousands of flights were delayed or canceled due to the winter storm’s disruption at airports, which also brought unusually chilly temperatures to regions like Texas and Florida.

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