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Daughter of Dos Santos of Angola Wants Autopsy Due To Fears Of Foul Play

Jose Eduardo Dos Santos Angola former 2

Former President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos of Angola, passed away on Friday in Barcelona. His daughter has requested that the hospital keep his remains for an autopsy due to suspicions of foul play.

According to a statement from her attorneys, Tchize dos Santos “has demanded… that the Teknon medical center keep onto the body until an appropriate autopsy is carried out on worries it could be sent to Angola.”

After experiencing a heart attack on June 23, the 79-year-old was taken to the hospital and put into intensive care, according to his family.

However, according to police and her attorneys, his 44-year-old daughter, Welwitschia dos Santos, has lodged a lawsuit for attempted murder against his present spouse and personal physician.

Her attorneys said in a statement on Friday that the complaint contained claims of “attempted murder, failure to exercise care, damage due to gross negligence, and disclosure of secrets by persons close to him.”

In the case, she claims that the decline in her father’s health is due to his personal doctor and his current wife, Ana Paula.

She asserted that she had no authority to make decisions regarding her father’s health because he and his wife had been divorced for a while.

The report had been received, the police said, and they had started an investigation.

Additionally, she had demanded that only her father’s children be permitted to visit him and that her father’s safety be guaranteed by the Spanish government.

Until his resignation in September 2017, Dos Santos controlled Angola, an oil-rich former Portuguese territory, for 38 years.

He was one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders and a native of the slums of Luanda. He used the oil wealth of his country to make one of his children a millionaire while leaving his people among the world’s poorest.

Dos Santos appointed Lourenco, a former defense minister, to succeed him when he stepped down.

However, Lourenco soon turned against his former patron and launched an anti-corruption campaign to recover the billions he believed had been stolen under dos Santos.

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