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China Encourages Warring Sudanese Generals To Put a Stop to The Carnage

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The Sudanese warring sides were urged to swiftly halt hostilities on Wednesday by China’s permanent representative to the UN.

The recent outbreak of armed violence in Sudan, according to Chinese official Zhang Jun, has resulted in significant civilian casualties and infrastructure loss.

He claims that China, Sudan’s close friend and partner, is saddened by the nation’s relapse into unrest.

He told a Security Council meeting in Sudan that China urged both parties to prioritize the needs of the nation and its citizens, put an immediate end to hostilities, and prevent further escalation of the situation.

An significant nation in the Horn of Africa is Sudan. There will surely be a greater risk of spillover if the current war continues and intensifies. This is against Sudan’s interests and endangers the peace and security of the region, he warned.

The immediate stop of hostilities should be the top goal, according to Mr. Zhang, who also urged the two sides to talk out their disagreements and differences.

He said that the world community need to accept Sudan’s sovereignty.

He continued by saying that it is probably ineffective to impose a solution from the outside or arbitrary set up a timeline.

Mr. Zhang reaffirmed China’s support for Sudan’s territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence. He expressed the hope that the conflict would end quickly and that Sudan could get back on the path of peace, stability, and national progress.

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