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Cash App founder Bob Lee Reportedly Had an affair and Partied With Accused Killer Sister

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According to people close to Lee, who spoke to the Wall Street Journal this week, the creator of Cash App Bob Lee allegedly had a relationship with his alleged killer’s sister and also dated the suspect’s ex-girlfriend.

According to authorities, Lee was fatally stabbed by Nima Momemi, 38, on April 4 in San Francisco, as noted by Diasporainfo.

Before starting a sexual relationship with Khazar Momeni, the married sister of the accused killer, Lee allegedly dated Momeni’s ex-girlfriend.

Cash App founder Bob Lee Reportedly Had an affair and Partied With Accused Killer Sister


The night before the stabbing, Momeni reportedly questioned Lee about his relationship with Khazar. A witness that night told the newspaper that he questioned Lee if his sister “was doing drugs” or “anything inappropriate” when the two were together.

The night before Khazar passed away, the prosecution claims that Lee and a number of their mutual acquaintances had been drinking.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Lee participated in “The Lifestyle,” a practice recognized in some affluent IT circles. According to rumors, there is informal sex and recreational drug use in the elite underground party scene.

Lee assured Momeni that “nothing inappropriate had happened” about his sister, who is wed to renowned plastic surgeon Dino Elyassnia of San Francisco.

“Just wanted to make sure your doing ok Cause [I] know nima came wayyyyyy down hard on you,” Momeni’s sister texted Lee after Nima confronted him.”

“Thank you for being such a classy man handling it with class,” Khazar added in his text. I adore you, selfish jerks.

A Synopsis Of The Events That Led To The Stabbing Death Of The Cash App Founder

Lee, though, was in bad shape. On the evening of April 3, a camera captures Momeni arriving at his sister’s residence. In the wee hours of April 4, both guys were seen leaving Momeni’s sister’s apartment in Nami’s BMW.

According to court records, Momeni allegedly drove Lee to a remote location. The two can be seen talking outside the car in the video before a person who fits Momeni’s description “suddenly” lunges at Lee.

According to WSJ, Momeni then hurriedly left the area in his BMW. After Lee died from stab wounds to his chest and thigh, an autopsy revealed that he had been using alcohol, cocaine, and ketamine.

Three years ago, Lee also dated Momeni’s ex-girlfriend. According to a mutual friend, Lee and the ex started dating soon after their breakup with Momeni.



Momeni’s Attorney, who downplays the significance of the two dating the same woman “No affair occurred”

Paula Canny, Momeni’s attorney, refuted the allegations submitted to ESJ in the meanwhile. According to the publication, Canny argued that Lee and Momeni’s sister were not having an affair.

Paula Canny, Momeni’s attorney, refuted the details people told WSJ, including the rumored relationship between Lee and Khazar.

“Based on my investigation, there was no romantic or sexual relationship between (Khazar) and Bob,” Canny declared.

It’s unclear precisely what Canny learned throughout her investigation to support her conclusion that the two weren’t having an affair.

Additionally, Canny made an effort to minimize the relevance of Lee and Momeni having dated the same lady in the past.

If Nima and Bob had ever been in a relationship, It had no relevance, and I wasn’t aware of it, Canny stated.

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