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Benjamin Mendy of Man City Exonerated of Rape Accusations

Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin Mendy, a defender for Manchester City, has been cleared of seven counts of rape, kidnapping, and sexual assault filed against him by UK authorities.

The 28-year-old Mendy has consistently defended his innocence in relation to the accusations.

After a jury of seven men and four women deliberated for two weeks, they found Benjamin Mendy not guilty of five counts of rape, one count of attempted rape, and one count of sexual assault. Mendy last played for City in August 2021.

Jude Everett’s six-month trial was concluded by Chester Crown Court Judge Steven Everett on Friday after the jury was unable to agree on several other allegations.

Jude Everett had already stated on Wednesday that he wouldn’t accept a majority judgment, and Judge Steven Everett of the Chester Crown Court ended the six-month trial on Friday after the jury was unable to reach verdicts on certain other charges.

Co-defendant Louis Saha Matturie, 41, who was accused of raping two teenagers on three separate occasions, was also found not guilty.

However, Benjamin Mendy’s legal fight is not yet finished, as a retrial may occur shortly after the jury was unable to reach convictions on two counts of rape. Matthew Conway, the prosecution’s attorney, stated that a retrial would be sought for those offenses.

The prosecution reached a conclusion. We have decided to move forward with these counts in two different trials, and we are requesting a provisional case management today, Mr. Conway stated.

Following an agreement between the prosecution and defense, the retrial has been scheduled to start on June 26 and is expected to take at least two weeks, according to UK-based publication Mirror.

Manchester City FC observes the judgement from Chester Crown Court today, when a jury found Benjamin Mendy not guilty of seven offences,” says a statement from his team on the most recent development. The trial is now concluded because the jury was deadlocked on two charges.

The Club is currently unable to make any additional comments because there are still unresolved issues in this case.

Immediately following the French international’s suspension in 2021, City ceased paying his salary.

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