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Aubameyang Encourages Young People in the Commonwealth To Pursue their Aspirations

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang speaking at a Marlborough Get Together event in London

The youth of the Commonwealth, according to Gabonese star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, must put in endless effort and have confidence in themselves if they are to realize their aspirations.

Speaking at a Marlborough Get-Together event in London on Friday night as part of plans for the Commonwealth Year of Youth 2023, the Chelsea striker made this statement. Young change-makers, leaders, and scholars from all of the member states were present at the event.

“You are the future,” the 33-year-old said to the young people in attendance. “I experienced a lot of negative periods in the start of my career; it was very difficult.

I was being told by everyone that I wasn’t a goal scorer. I was motivated to strive even harder to accomplish my aims by those words.

Regarding his life journey, he added, “Today, I am very happy where I am,” in an effort to inspire the more than 1.5 billion young people in the Commonwealth.

Participants were asked to travel to Gabon, which recently become a member of the Commonwealth, by Aubameyang. He urged them to experience the local cuisine and natural splendor of the Central African country. In addition, he discussed a wide range of other subjects, such as activism, sport, racism, diversity, and much more.

He remarked, in reference to racism and prejudice, “I have experienced it [racism] myself.” But he added, “2023 is the year. It is time to mature and speak out against racism. We must be responsible to one another. Together, we can accomplish amazing things. The color of a person’s skin has no bearing. I am living evidence of this.

Aubameyang emphasized the significance of sport in uniting people from various backgrounds, saying, “When you go to a football game, you see thousands of people from different backgrounds cheering for the same team, this is an example of unity which the sport is able to bring about.”

After the event, Luis Franceschi, the assistant secretary-general of the Commonwealth, lauded Aubameyang for being a role model and for having principles and a commitment to social inclusion that are in line with the Commonwealth.

“Aubameyang’s dedication to supporting young people and social inclusion is consistent with Commonwealth principles. We hope that young people will be inspired by his motivational comments and be inspired to follow their aspirations and give back to their communities even more.

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