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At Least 27 Dead in Pakistan Wind And Heavy Rainfall

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According to officials, at least 27 people, particularly 8 kids, perished in northwest Pakistan on Sunday as a result of heavy rain and strong winds.

The roofs and walls of their homes fell, burying at least 12 people alive, according to Taimur Ali Khan, a spokesman for the provincial disaster management administration, who spoke to AFP.

Late Saturday night, storms ravaged Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, killing 15 people, including five siblings between the ages of two and eleven in Bannu district.

He claimed that over 200 animals perished and that over 140 individuals suffered injuries.

In all four of the districts, an emergency has been proclaimed by the authorities.

More than 1,700 people were killed and two million dwellings were damaged when Pakistan was hit by unheard-of monsoon rains over the summer of last year, submerging a third of the nation.

Authorities reported on Sunday that a cyclone was moving toward Pakistan and India from the Arabian Sea in the country’s south.

The provincial disaster management office in Sindh province issued a statement predicting exceptionally heavy rain and winds of up to 100 kph later this week.

Pakistan Fishermen are warned not to enter the open sea until the system has passed by June 17, according to the statement

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