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At an Iranian skateboarding event, 7 girls were detained for taking off their hijabs

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State media said on Friday that Iranian authorities had detained numerous young girls and several of the event’s organizers for failing to wear headscarves at a skateboarding event in the southern city of Shiraz.

Shiraz police chief Faraj Shojaee was quoted by the state news agency IRNA as saying that some girls “removed their hijab at the end of the sporting event without obeying the religious considerations and legal regulations.”

On Thursday, he said, “a number of perpetrators and those connected to this meeting were discovered and arrested with the help of the judiciary.”

On social media in Iran, a video allegedly documenting Tuesday’s “Go Skateboarding Day” event quickly gained popularity.

The holding of any mixed-sports or non-sports event without adhering to the laws and religious tenets is forbidden. and the organizers will face legal repercussions, said Shojaee.

According to Lotfollah Sheybani, the governor of Shiraz, the gathering was “organized with the goal of violating social, religious, and national regulations and norms,” according to IRNA.

Since the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, women have been required to wear a hijab, which conceals their hair while covering their head and neck.

However, many people, particularly in Tehran and other large cities, have gone beyond the bounds by letting their head coverings to slide back and display more hair during the previous 20 years.

Iranian media said on Sunday that police had detained 120 people for alleged “criminal activities” at a party in a forest in the north of the nation, including drinking alcohol, dancing with mixed gender, and taking off the headscarf.

Iranian law prohibits dancing with people of the opposing sex and only non-Muslim persons are allowed to use alcohol for religious grounds.

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