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Animated Web Series of “League Of Orishas” by Anthill Studios garnered Positive Reviews by Netizen

League of Orishas by Anthill studios

The web cartoon series “League of Orishas,” which was recently aired by Anthill Studios in Nigeria, has received great feedback from viewers on social media.

Over 15,000 people have seen the first episode, which aired on September 11th, 2022.

The story of this mythical planet and all of its colorful characters is expected to be explored throughout the series. Set in an era when gods, magical entities, humans, and unusual animals all coexisted on the surface of the planet, the story is inspired by numerous west African mythology.

The little episode, which was produced by Nigerian filmmaker Niyi Akinmolayan and Nigerian animator Eri Umusu, has received a lot of favorable feedback from viewers.

Audiences loved the show on Twitter.

Several tweets state;

“Just watched ‘league of orishas’ a Yoruba cartoon series by anthill studios and I’m impressed, It’s very short tho but it’s a big step for Nigerian animation in the future”

The series, according to a specific Twitter user, stated it is good enough to be on Netflix or Showmax.

“This series is so good, it should be on Netflix or Showmax,” the tweet read.

Another twitter user loved the atmosphere of the soundtrack.

“Incredible storytelling, an amazing soundtrack that would make you feel like you were there live with the ancient children of Olodumare,” she said.

Other animated series created by Anthill Studios include Lara and Friends, a quick UNICEF campaign. Additionally, they have created films like Elevator Baby and The Man for the Job, among others.

Anthill Studios and Amazon Prime Video inked an exclusive multi-year global license agreement at the beginning of the year.

After their theatrical runs in Nigeria are over, Anthill’s filmography will be exclusively available on Prime Video for international viewing.

Watch the first episode of “League Of Orishas” by Anthill Studios in full below




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