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Amid Sudan War, Red Cross Rescue Starving 300 Orphanage Children

South Sudan Red Cross Khartoum

Almost 300 kids have been successfully rescued from an orphanage in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan by the Red Cross.

According to BBC News, the kids were boarding at the Mygoma Orphanage, where more than 70 kids are said to have perished from malnutrition and illness since the violence in Sudan started in mid-April.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) stated that the orphanage was located in a city district “where the conflict has been raging”.

The 297 kids, who range in age from one month to 15 years old, have been transported to Wad Madani, which is 200 kilometers (125 miles) away from Khartoum, ICRC claimed.

They are currently in a transit center, and UNICEF, the UN agency for children, said it is working with the appropriate authorities to find foster families for the youngsters.

In the face of the ongoing turmoil in Sudan, “the safe movement of these incredibly vulnerable children to a place of safety offers a ray of light,” said Mandeep O’Brien, a UNICEF spokeswoman.

On Wednesday, Democracy Reporters had reported that the Take-It-Back Movement (TIB), a pro-democracy organization, had denounced the continued conflict in Sudan between two military junta factions and the lack of response from the international community.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Movement, which made the condemnation, claimed that the war had caused thousands of deaths around the nation and at least 700,000 internal displacements.

The crisis has made the country’s 2019-launched democratic revolution even more vulnerable.

Additionally, we denounce the international community’s silence regarding the injustices being committed against the Sudanese people, who are currently being denied access to humanitarian aid.

Part of the statement read, “Neo-colonial forces and their local allies have for decades used the unlawful and illegal interference of the military and armed groups within civilian regimes throughout the continent to overthrow civilian rule, disregard political mandates, and subvert popular sovereignty.”


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