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After leaving school to fight for his country, a 77-year-old man receives a degree from a US institution

Timothy Brown of South Carolina University

Years after quitting school in the 1960s to protect the United States in the Vietnam War, a 77-year-old war veteran has finally earned his bachelor’s degree from South Carolina State University.

Timothy Brown, a 77-year-old man, is from Orangeburg County in South Carolina. He was a student at Compton Community College in California, the United States, and had to leave school to serve in the Vietnam War.

Following the war, Brown relocated to South Carolina to concentrate on his career. He then spent one semester taking classes at a nearby university. According to CBS News, Brown learned of a veteran affairs program that aids veterans in returning to school in 2018.

He made the decision to take advantage of the chance and enrolled at South Carolina State University to pursue a diploma with a theater major. He was 73 years old at the time.

“I’m sitting in class with my grandkids. I always told them, ‘Hey, you know, you guys are my grandkids.’ You know, they’re in their early 20s and here I am in my middle 70s,” Brown told CBS News.

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