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After Kanye West’s Swastika post, Elon Musk banned him from Twitter

Elon Musk. Kanye West

On Friday, the musician Kanye West shared a photo to Twitter that appeared to show a swastika interlaced with a Star of David, prompting Elon Musk to ban him from Twitter “for encouragement to violence.”

Post appeared just hours after West caused a stir by expressing his “love” of Nazis and adoration for Adolf Hitler in an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

With the words “Let’s always remember this as my final tweet,” West also posted a photo of a shirtless Musk being splashed with water.

Musk responded, “Just clarifying that his account is being suspended for incitement to violence, not an unflattering picture of me.”

Musk, who once described himself as a “free speech absolutist,” took control of Twitter in October with the intention of remaking the social media platform.


After Kanye West's Swastika post, Elon Musk banned him from Twitter

A black mask covering his entire face, West (now known as Ye) appeared on Infowars, the show hosted by Jones, for several hours, ranting about sin, pornography, and the devil.

West said numerous times, “I like Hitler.”

With a mask that covered his entire face, including his mouth and eyes, West avoided detection.

Yet during their conversation, Jones referred to him as “West,” Infowars advertised the interview as though it were with West, and at one point, Jones snatched West’s phone and tweeted from his account in real time.

Though West has been candid about his battles with mental illness, his unpredictable conduct has continued to raise worries despite his hints of a 2024 presidential bid.

After making a number of anti-Semitic comments, the billionaire saw his partnerships with other companies dissolve. The once-mighty fashion and music mogul now seems to be in a worrisome downward spiral.

“I love the Nazis.”

Kanye West received snide laughs and dissent from Infowars’ far-right host Alex Jones.

I think Hitler had some redeeming qualities, he said Jones.

I’m telling you, “This dude… “You can’t declare out loud that this guy ever achieved anything wonderful; they developed freeways; they invented the very microphone that I used as a musician; I’m done with that.

Neither of those ideas were first thought of by Hitler.

I’ve had it with labeling; everyone, even Hitler, contributed something worthwhile to society.

To quote Hitler: “I like him.”

In an interjection, Jones said, “the Nazis were thugs and did extremely horrible things.” Jones is a serial provocateur who was fined hundreds of millions of dollars for calling one of the bloodiest school shootings in American history a “hoax.”

Despite the pressure, Kanye West held firm.

But they were excellent people and accomplished good things too. We need to chill out with the Nazi jokes… I really like Nazis,” West declared.

Social media network Parler, favored by conservatives for its hands-off approach to moderation, announced West’s deal to buy the company was off hours after the interview.

According to a tweet from the company, “Parlement Technologies would like to confirm that the company has mutually agreed with Ye to terminate the intent of sale of Parler.”

As of mid-November, “this decision was made in the interest of both parties.”

After West made anti-Semitic rants in October, including a warning to “go death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE,” a misspelling allusion to US military readiness, the German sportswear brand Adidas severed its lucrative tie-up with the star.

West appeared at a Paris fashion presentation wearing a shirt with the phrase “White Lives Matter,” a jab to the Black Lives Matter racial equality campaign, prompting the Parisian fashion house Balenciaga and the American clothing shop Gap to cut ties with him.


West and white supremacist Nick Fuentes appeared on Infowars together, drawing criticism over their controversial dinner together last week at Trump’s Florida resort.

Republican Jewish Coalition quickly responded to Thursday’s broadcast by calling the three men “a despicable trifecta of conspiracy theorists, Holocaust deniers, and anti-Semites.”

“Given his glorification of Hitler, it can’t be stressed that Kanye West is a disgusting, revolting bigot who has targeted the Jewish community with threats and Nazi-style defamation,” the group said in a statement.

It’s time for conservatives who have been too lenient with Kanye West to finally make it obvious that West is an outcast. There has to be a breaking point.

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