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Afghans Protest Taliban on Women Attending Universities Restriction 

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In Afghanistan, where many people have been attempting to adjust to their lives being turned upside down, the Taliban‘s decision to close universities to women has caused astonishment and resentment.

Male medical students at Nangarhar University left their courses on Wednesday in support of female students, according to Afghan broadcaster Amu.

At least two university instructors from the universities in Kabul and Kunduz posted on social media that they were resigning in protest.

Without providing any justification, the Taliban’s higher education ministry declared on Tuesday that women were no longer permitted to pursue higher education.

Since the Taliban seized power in August 2021, girls are also not permitted to attend secondary schools.

After being turned away from their lessons on Wednesday morning, ladies were seen crying and comforting each other at the entrance to colleges in social media videos.

One impacted student from a private university told local broadcaster Shamshad TV, “There is no hope anymore. When I saw the news last night, I read it up to 20 times and cried.”

Foreign diplomats expressed outrage at the decision and urged the hardliners to change their minds, while Human Rights Watch termed it a “shameful move.”

“When the Taliban seized control in 1996, I was a first-year medical student. When they declared a ban on girls’ education the same day, it appeared to be a nightmare.”

Fawzia Koofi, a well-known advocate for Afghan women’s rights, stated on Twitter, “Who is accountable for the return of my country into the Stone Age?,” she further tweeted from reports that “Taliban heavy armed cars at the gate of every university and education institution this morning, girls from Kabul tell me the station is a terrifying as the first day of Taliban returned to power. Taliban know their decision will have consequences. They must face it.”




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