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Admission : Canadian University omit Nigeria’s name from List of countries that must present Proof of English Proficiency


Dr. Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi, a Nigerian scholar based in Canada, wrote to the University of Alberta, requesting that Nigeria be removed from the list of nations that require proof of English test completion before admission.

His plea was accepted, and Nigerian students applying for admission to the institution will no longer be required to take an English test.

Full Waiver

Despite the fact that the University of Alberta has previously recognized several Nigerian schools that did not require students to take an English test, Dr. Igbalajobi’s request resulted in a full waiver. Read more here

Many international institutions have made it practically common practice to require confirmation of English language ability from pupils for whom English is not their first language.

Many Nigerians have praised Dr. Igbalajobi for his selfless efforts.

Tests not Necessary

Dr. Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi, in a separate conversation with a correspondent, claimed the rule was improper because English is Nigeria’s official language. He further said that because Nigerian children are taught in English beginning in elementary school, the demand was unnecessary.

Canadian University omit Nigeria's name from List of countries that must present Proof of English Proficiency

“From my own lens of equality, diversity, and inclusion, this is just unfair. Nigeria is an English-speaking country and the mode of instruction from the elementary to the tertiary institutions is in Engish. Subjecting applicants to another round of English tests is annoying. The financial constraints have also prevented a lot of applicants from a shot to most of these universities.” He Stated

A Nigerian man claims that leaving the nation revolutionized his life.

In a recent story by Legit.ng, a Nigerian man who has made it big in Canada declared that leaving Nigeria revolutionized his life.

Dr. Igbalajobi claimed he only had N16,000 in his bank account when he left Nigeria. He left Nigeria to pursue a new life overseas after receiving a scholarship from the Korean government.

He presently resides in Canada, where he works for the University of British Columbia.


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