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5 Ways To Keep Yourself Busy Without Stress

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This is a good writings to our wonderful readers and subscribers, especially those who want to keep up the busy schedule without stress I will recommend you read thru this article, don’t forget a steady reader will always learn something either negative or positive to PIN point out something to learn, because a busy person who is not learning or been productive is just wasting a precious TIME.

Today I bring to you 5 ways to keep yourself busy without stress.

Been busy most time might limit your movements and connection with the outside world for a period of our lives, and there’s no doubt that this can be challenging and lonely, but let’s not let it limit our mindset, for example, growing up in a family as a youngster in the College Education category we tend to pass through education process like preparing ahead for an examination, our parent thought us to read, understand and assimilate, though it doesn’t feels lonely then because we have them on our side to put us through some things we don’t understand then, but now as an adult we need to do this ourselves and Below are some tips to guide us.

Below are 5 ideas for you to get through this testing time.

Learn a new skill or reap up an old one

  1. Learn a new skill or reap up an old one
  2. Complete an online workshop or course
  3. Start a blog or create a business strategy
  4. Write a book
  5. Take some time out for self care
  1. Learn a new skill or reap up an old one

If you ’re sensing painlessly enough and you would like to learn new things, this may be the perfect time to do so!
You can keep yourself occupied by going back to your old piano in the house that has amassed some dust or a guitar that you erstwhile played a long time back, there are tons of videos YouTube can educate you with, on how to read music and recreate your favorite songs.

Other effects you could do is to learn a new languages with numerous free online apps or a free online Google course might help.

Or is there stuff you’ve always wanted to learn-from yoga to juggling-there will always be a videotape on YouTube to guide you on how to do it!.

2. Complete an online workshop or course

An online workshop that you have once pick interest in might help, just as it was written before that a busy person who is not learning or been productive is just wasting a precious TIME, an online course or webinar can be a great way to learn something new, like free online Google course. The internet is an awesome resource that offers thousands of online courses ranging from IT Based course, English Language, Computing or Speech/Text.

Developing self career by an online language such as HTML or JavaScript can be of help to spend productive time. Similar courses like Microsoft Excel or something more vocational such as Food Technology or Marketing Skills are great ideas to keep you busy!

PS: Don’t forget that all these courses are accessible freely online meanwhile some of them are premium based like you have to pay to enroll yourself, you can bet it is really worth it when you can concentrate and keep yourself busy without stress, from one bespoke sessions to other courses ranges from effective communication to target your individual needs, online courses to accent softening, this could help boost your career and allow you gain skills and confidence on a daily basis.

3. Start a blog or create a business strategy

Have you always wanted to start a blog or have a business start-up strategy that you have never had the chance to put it in place due to daily work load or busy schedule?

Well if you can take my piece of advice, it is high time you start putting together a plan to strategize that business from scratch. Whether it is creating an online blog or website (WordPress or Wix is the perfect choice and simple ways to set something up today) or drafting out or compiling your business strategy into a finalized document, now is the perfect time to do so by creating that your very own dream job you are passionate about.

If you want to relate with same-minded individuals, we are here for you or you can reach out to plenty of networking groups around the intrapreneurship space even social media platform (Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on) does help small businesses grows with tips and ideas based on what you really want for yourself.

4. Write a book

Have you always thought of been a publisher and your first challenge is that “the idea is daunt.?”

Let me tell you that writing a book is one the fascinating way to pen down your creative mindset especially that thing you’re always passionate about, fiction or non-fiction book, it might even be an autobiography or biography of someone you know, writing a book demand full concentration for that busy mind to dedicate his time without stress.

To back up your writing ideas there are libraries available online that encourage creative minds to write manuscript of 50,000 words especially in the month of November, an organization called National Novel Writing Month (often shortened to NaNoWriMo) might buy your idea which result to extra revenue for been busy and other associated platforms you might wish to venture in to.

5. Take some time out for self care

lastly, Taking time off your daily routine might seems like a disruption in your everyday routine, but trust me the popular saying that ‘Health is Wealth’ is not a joke at all.

Please don’t joke with your health, always take time out to cater for self, Because healthy mind boost ideas, Be good to yourself by drinking lots of water everyday, engage in high or low impact exercise, go for regular check ups, hangout with friends, Connect with loved ones within close range or far distance, or you might just listen to a Podcast.

We hope with these five activities outlined can help out in reducing your own stress, within couple of minutes or hours, giving it a try might go along way in stabilizing the mind to accumulate new ideas

If you have more to contribute to these ideas, we can start our discussion in the comment section below, each contributor will be appreciated.

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