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5 People Killed in Al-Shabaab County Raid in Kenya

Al Shabaab Militant

Al-Shabaab terrorists attacked two communities in Kenya’s coastal county of Lamu on Saturday evening, torching homes and killing five Kenyans, the police and witnesses reported on Sunday.

The attackers reportedly stormed the villages on Saturday about 7:30 p.m., took the victims from their homes, bound their wrists and legs with ropes behind their backs, and then executed them, according to the police and witnesses.

The police report states that all of the casualties of the attack on Salama and Juhudi villages on Saturday night were men, including one student. The student, according to witnesses, had returned home for a half-term break.

The police reported that an attack occurred early that evening by a gang of over 30 individuals dressed in military garb and armed with firearms, machetes, and knives.

They then told everyone in the room to lie down and not make a noise while they brought the women to other rooms before releasing them.

Before setting a store on fire, the attackers killed the five guys and took some food, fowl, and goats.

The attackers vanished in the direction of the forest, according to the police.

Security forces raced to the area shortly after, according to Lamu County Commissioner Louis Rono, but no arrests were made.

Due to escalating vicious attacks by al-Shabaab militants who have killed countless security personnel and civilians, Lamu County has been in the news for a while.

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